Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pistons Hate Winning

Apparently the Detroit Pistons don't like a coach who can take their team to the eastern conference finals 3 years in a row, granted he lost all 3, but he was the 3rd winning est coach in the last 3 years only trailing Avery Johnson by 2 and Spurs coach Pop by 1. NBA team executives get to impatient I guess they don't realize that only 1 TEAM can win the Championship each year. The Pistons are also taking it out on the players as well, Joe Dumars also said his starting 5 was on the trading block, saying everyone is in play. When you lose 3 straight years in a row you lose the sacred cow status. Watch out towel boys your next. Hey I'll trade you Rip, Billups and 2 water boys for Phil Jackson and Kobe. Give me a break Dumars your averaging 59 wins a season the last 3 years and have more NBA titles in the last decade than some NBA teams have all time. I hope the Pistons win 10 games next season and dumars losses his job .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The A-Train has left the building.
After 12 season with the bucs, injury is forcing the 6 time Pro Bowler Mike Alstott to call it quits. The second leading rusher in buccanear history with 5,088 yards he also finsihed 3rd in buc history with 432 total points, and 1st in career TD's in team history with 71 almost 30 more than James Wilder(46). All that came from the FB position. Since 1990 there have been 7,325 players to play for an NFL team, Mike was one of only 18 to play at least 11 seasons with the same team and retire with them. He is the definition of what a team player should be. Any parent would want their child to look up to him as a role model. He was the heart and soul of this team since day 1 and will always be remembered by his fans. Who knows what he could have accomplished if not for injurys but what he did accomplish will remain with every fan who watched him play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Honestly whats the point in playing this game. You want THIS guy as your QB in the biggest game of the year, I THINK NOT! Why not just give the patriots the trophy and size em up for those rings right now. The Giants making the (not so) Superbowl just goes to show how pitiful the NFC really is. The Giants pass defense is god awful, their second best offensive weapon is injured(Shockey). Jacobs + Bradshaw haven't rush for more than 130 yards combined in the playoffs, and failed to break 100 against Dallas. The only thing going for them is their front 7 sacking everything insight and disrupting the offensive flow of any team they play.
To bad the patriots LOVE to throw. With weapons like Moss, Welker,Stallworth, and Watson is there really any reason to attempt to run the ball. unless its a reverse to a WR. Hands down im goin with the Pats in this one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where Have I Been


I know your probably wondering where I have been if I actually have viewers, but no need to fear I am back. I have been a little busy and a little lazy but that's all over with. Sorry to skip out on everybody I will try to not let it happen again.

Editor and Chief
Chris Russell

NBA Mid-Season Rankings

NBA Mid-Season Rankings

Well with the NBA season almost halfway through here are the teams that have stuck out to me.

1. Boston Celtics... As if the NBA's best record does'nt say enough, with Garnett and a Healthy Allen the celts look to complete the major sports 3peat(MLB Red Sox, NFL Patriots).

2.Phoenix Suns... These next few are tough but when the Suns are at full strength with Hill,Marion,Nash, and Stoudemire they are the best in the West by far.

3.Cleveland Cavs... I know what your thinking...WTF.. but can anybody stop LEBRON the best all around player in the NBA. I think not. Lebron wants to prove to everyone that last years NBA Finals appearance was not a fluke. With the Cavs running healthy now they have been suffocating their opponents on the defensive end and with everyone playing now they should find their offensive groove i n plenty of time for another Finals run.

4.Detroit Pistons... With a solid core of players and lack of Finals appearances the last few years their hungry again, but with no true center presence RIP and the HORSE will need some help from Prince and Sheed. to pick up the slack.

5.Dallas Mavericks... With there disappointing performance in last years playoffs and actually in every years playoffs don't be surprised if they make some noise this year. With Coach Avery Johnson having his guys playing solid defense and the reining league MVP Dirk and Josh Howard lighting it up things are looking good in Dallas.

6. New Orleans Hornets... With Chris Paul running the show and solid play from Chandler and West the hornets are looking like a dominant presence in the Mighty West. If they could only get that guy Peja to start playing like the 3 point champ that he is, your looking at a real scary team come playoff time.

7.Orlando Magic... Dwight Howard is the new spokesperson for WINDEX with the way he cleans the glass avg. almost 16 boards a game and blocking everything in sight and sharpshooters Lewis and Hedo, easily top 5 team in East.

8.Golden State Warriors... What else is there to say but BARON DAVIS!! He is making the nba look like the playground this year, and Monta Ellis is having a career year. Now only if they can find a solid performer in the paint will they be able to break into the NBA ELITE.

9.Utah Jazz... With all the right tools I don't know why they play as bad as they do, Top PG, Top PF, amazing SF, a Center that can stroke it from 3.

10.Portland Trailblazers... Wow is all I have to say. Broy is a beast, and Aldridge is tearing it up. Its an amazing story but will they turn out like the once proclaimed "next great young team" Chicago Bulls, only time will tell.

Consideration; Spurs, Raptors, Wizards, Lakers, Nuggets, and Rockets.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So apparently Daunte Culpepper Is talking with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. HUH?!?! First off the Bucs have Plummer, Garcia, Chris Simms, and Bruce Gradkowski. Now Plummer is considering retiring, And Chris Simms is supposidly the franchise QB. They also tried the Bruce Gradkowski thing last year after Simms went out and that didn't work out so well. So adding Culpepper will just make things even more confusing. Don't get me wrong hes a good talent but hes not what the Bucs need right now, try guys who BLOCK for the QB which they haven't figured out that its not the QBs fault he keeps getting sacked. Culpepper needs to go to a team like ATLANTA where they have NO qb. that way he can actually play and try and get better.

Huston We Have Lift Off!


Thank God! The Rockets finally have a chance. Now T-Mac can sit out however many games he wants. This is goning to be a comeback year for Stevie Franchise. The rockets Have to have moved into the top 3 teams in the west, maybe top 4 with Spurs, Suns, Mavs. But if YAO and Tmac stay healthy look out NBA. BSTAFF i know you love this move so I wrote this blog for you buddy.